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 Pays des Portes de Bretagne website
 Haute Bretagne website.

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Some ideas

Brittany border areas, which were once fortified medieval towns were gradually built around their castles. Towns like Chateaugiron and Vitre follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by keeping their ancient traditions, for example, the weekly market in La Guerche de Bretagne and their believance in things like La Roche Aux Fees.



Our community is lucky enough to have in its area a lake (100 ha) which is a natural heritage sight. It is one of the departments natural beauty spots, protected and maintained by the general council. It is a haven for birds, and for nature lovers. There is fishing available, a nature trail, and an observation hut. (which is easily accessible from the La Guerche road)


Water activities : During the summer pedalos are available for hire and we recommend an outing on the lake to really enjoy the peace and quiet.

There is also a 17th Century church to see and a « Nature house » that has tourist information about Marcille Robert, the lake and the surrounding area.

La Roche Aux Fées

(Fairies Rock)

Mystery and extravaganza
Without any doubt, the most beautiful dolmen (from the Breton language meaning stonetable) of France , constructed with 40 or so large basaltic blocks, each one weighing, between 5 and 45 tons. This covered alleyway (length 19m50, width 4m70, and height 4m10) is one of the most remarkable sites in Europe. Its origin comes from the neolite period (3000 years BC) . At sunrise on winter solstice the entire length of the stones are covered in light, illuminating the interior of the momument.

Roche aux Fées

The mystery remains
Still shrouded in mystery, the legends and magic remain a compelling force. The mystery of how and how many men it took to transport the stones from more than 4km away and then assemble them in their present site is still unknown.The work involved shows how important it was for the people to honour the spirits of the dead.

Legend :There is a legend that on a beautiful starlit night, good fairies, sisters or cousins of Morgane and Viviane, decided to prove their existence by building a monument so extraordinary that no one could imagine that it could possibly be constructed by men.



The château, close to the Breton capital it once defended, was built in the middle ages and is a genuine fortress right in the heart of the town which has numerous houses with colourfully painted wooden beams. The 38m high round towers dominates the area.

La Guerche de Bretagne
Its Tuesday morning market is a true regional institution because it has existed since 1121. The opportunity to do some bargain shopping and amble through the medieval streets of the town, but don’t forget a visit to the church.

Just 20 minutes drive from the gite, this magnificent medieval city of art and history deserves at least one or two visits. The town centre is superb, with its cobbled streets, and shops, the château is more so ........ le site de l’office de Tourisme

Town of art and history with its château of the middle ages set on a rocky spur is one of the biggest in Europe.

The capital of Brittany is 30 minutes drive from the gite. The capital of economics and culture, is an impressive place to visit, with its fine architecture, museums, a magnificent Saturday market and good selection of shops.

Côte d’Emeraude

The Emerald countryside, like the sea which embraces it, reveals all its charms. Its prestigeous cities, such as Saint Malo and Dinard, with their delightful seaside resorts. Cities renowned for swimming, such as Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac..., its beautiful villages like Saint-Suliac nestled on the banks of the river of Rance, Cancale the oyster capital of Brittany, renowned for its oysters and sea food, with its sandy beaches, the pleasure of walking along the shore or the cliff tops.

Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont St Michel
It may take an hour to get there by car , but if you have not already seen it, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see this «Marvel of the World».

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